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About My Book

Soon I will enter a synopis of my book
and a working title.


Dear friends, Arlene and Dick on their 47th Anniversary. They will be replaced later with a synopsis of the book and a picture of the cover. Hey, it's a cruel world.



Top picture is my nephew Chris, his wife Becky and their son Spencer. Photo below that is Becky, Spencer and some Blue Guy. They'll probably get replaced with a bulletin telling the release date of my book and where to purchase it. Well, that's show biz.


My brother Mark's daughter Brittney and Cathy Jr. both in the class of 2003. Later this may be the back cover of my book with comments from people who have read it...if they liked it. If they didn't, like it, I just won't include their comments. I'm funny that way.


Aunt Claudine in front of a picture of the original house at Shawnee Ambush where she and her husband Gilbert lived most of their lives.
I took this picture in May of 2003. It too will give way to book stuff eventually.